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Grandmaster Wong Kiew Kit is a grandmaster of Taijiquan (spelled as "Tai Chi Chuan" in English). He was awarded "Qigong Master of the Year" in 1997 by his peers at the Second World Qigong Congress. Qigong, or "chi kung" in English, is an essential part of Taijiquan. Grandmaster Wong travels over 35 countries to teach chi kung, Taijiquan and other styles of kungfu.

More than 90% of Tai Chi practitioners all over the world get less than 10% of the benefits practising Tai Chi Chuan will give. This book, The Complete Book of Tai Chi Chuan, will show you how to obtain the other 90%.

How does a Shaolin master defend against black magic? If you know Chinese, especially Cantonese, you may have come across this expression: if your luck is good, evil cannot come near you. “Good luck” in Chinese is “hao yun qi”, or “ho wan hei” in Cantonese, which is word for word “good-circulation-energy”. A Shaolkin master has not only good circulation of energy, but also a powerful, trained mind. The good circulation of energy around your body acts like electricity, into which evil forces may not penetrate. Low level spirits, like ghosts, are actually scared of the radiant energy of a vibrant person. But that does not mean a Shaolin master would go about fighting black magicians. Shaolin teachings also place much importance on another principle: live and let live.

— Grandmaster Wong Kiew Kit


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